A synopsis for the full production short film by Timothy C. Cummings At a weathered but personable veteran’s hall displaying images of battles fought and won, service members and veterans of all branches gather for a reunion. In the meeting hall are several long rectangle tables and a solitary round table. Most attendees wear service... Continue Reading →

A Baggage Car in Phoenix

Prologue: In early May, 1943, a twenty-year old woman was traveling from San Francisco back to her pre-war home in Houston. As the train stopped in Phoenix, she disembarked and while strolling along the platform she came upon the baggage car with its wide door fully open. Inside she saw the flag draped casket of... Continue Reading →

The Price of Peace   “The tragic loss of life in the fireroom again demonstrates that the price of peace is high.” On November 1, 1990, that statement was in a mailgram to the Commanding Officer of USS IWO JIMA (LPH-2) following the loss of ten sailors the day before.     Two decades later, I... Continue Reading →


When a service member or veteran passes away, I often pay condolences by writing “A soldier/airmen/Marine I never knew, my Brother/Sister nonetheless”. I select the correct title for their branch and gender and post it.  For Navy personnel, I have a slightly different version. On December 7, 2018, at the Dallas - Ft. Worth national... Continue Reading →

Whispers of War

A Sailor Brings His Ship Home   Some of the images used are from social media over a period of more than seventeen years. If one of these is yours, please let me know if you want it removed or credited to you.     May 9, 1960. Nearly a year after being launched in... Continue Reading →

A Father, A Son, My Brothers

May 12, 1967 The Republic of Vietnam - PFC Cloyde Pinson Jr., USMC, lost his life when his patrol was overrun by North Vietnamese forces while on night patrol. His father, World War II veteran and Air Force retiree Cloyde Pinson Sr., learned of his son's death on the car radio as he was driving... Continue Reading →

From This Place

I penned this the week of April 22, 2013 when news broke about what some percieved as turmoil at the United States Merchant Marine Academy invloving the eviction of the Alumni Association from their office on the seventy-year old campus. I write not only with a perspective of being a USMMA field representative but also... Continue Reading →


Flight 107 On the morning of Saturday, May 30, 1970, an oddly plaintive, rumbling sound loudly travelling northeast to southwest, forged a path over my head. The sky was overcast and I did not see the source of the noise but I knew what it was. It was an airplane in trouble, its engines... Continue Reading →

The Button

The design of the button used on United States Navy uniforms is comprised of an American bald eagle, its wings spread and talons clutching a Luce-type anchor. It is gold in color for Chief Petty Officers, warrant and commissioned officers, and, when I initially served in the Navy, silver on enlisted uniforms. During World War... Continue Reading →

Faces in the Sand

The photograph above shows a young airman I know well and greatly admire. Weeks before it was taken, Douglas, who I have known his entire life, had suffered a career ending injury. I was fortunate to know him as he grew up. He took to the guitar, became a huge fan of the blues, seeing... Continue Reading →

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