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Flag of the United States Merchant Marine
Flag of the United States Merchant Marine

I penned this the week of April 22, 2013 when news broke about what some percieved as turmoil at the United States Merchant Marine Academy invloving the eviction of the Alumni Association from their office on the seventy-year old campus. I write not only with a perspective of being a USMMA field representative but also as the son, nephew and brother of Kings Pointers.

From This Place

Kings Pointers accept the vital role they play, taking our ships in harm’s way…

Of all our academies, wherever they are, only she sends hers to war
At first losing one-hundred-forty-two, who paid for us, yes, paid all that was due

Seven hundred ships in cross hairs fixed made the highest loss rate – one-in-twenty-six
Service between waters dangerous and threatening skies, is why our battle standard still flies

In peace and war, the regiment forms, preparing for any other storm
More in action, less in words, we’re the doers of deeds seldom heard

…We Kings Pointers recall why American freedom is so great; as these waters pass our bow, we’re on station for the United States.(C) 2013 Timothy Christopher Cummings
Unlimited use permitted with acknowledgment.


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