The Price of Peace


“The tragic loss of life in the fireroom again demonstrates that the price of peace is high.”

On November 1, 1990, that statement was in a mailgram to the Commanding Officer of USS IWO JIMA (LPH-2) following the loss of ten sailors the day before.




Two decades later, I wrote about it (, and in the years since publishing that piece, my life has changed: Because of feedback from sailors, Marines, and family members, I am  more focused on dealing with tragedy…loss…grief.

And post traumatic stress, something I know all too well.

Another aspect I spend more time on is bringing attention to the cost of maintaining freedom, even in peace time, or in the case of the October 30, 1990 accident, during a build up to war. For example, Operation Desert Shield – the precursor to Desert Storm – saw the loss of eighty-four service members.

The business of preparing to defend the nation is a hazardous undertaking. Personnel killed or injured during such times should not be forgotten.

Because of this, I am embarking on a film project to remember those lost in circumstances not including a shooting war. The focus of the tribute shall be the eighty-four who perished in the second half of 1990 and first weeks of 1991 prior to the commencement of Desert Storm, and shall serve as a reminder to appreciate all who raise their right arm, swear a solemn oath and go about defending the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

And yes, it will pay particular attention to the ten USS IWO JIMA  sailors lost on October 30, 1990. Sailors I never knew, my shipmates nonetheless.

And importantly, I hope to give hope to those who have lost loved ones.

Peace. Costly, but a worthy pursuit.

Lest we forget.


If you would like to learn more about the film project, or how you may support it, please leave a comment.




Desert Shield Casualties

Rank First Name Middle Name Surname Date of Death Service
Lance Corporal Thomas Ray Adams Jr 8-Oct-90 Marine Corps
Private First Class Hans Christian Richard Avey 7-Jan-91 Army
Captain Tommie William Bates 14-Sep-90 Army
Petty Officer Third Class Michael Louis Belliveau 22-Dec-90 Navy
Sergeant Dennis William Betz 9-Dec-90 Marine Corps
Sergeant Tommy Angelo Blue 30-Dec-90 Army
Captain Jeffrey John Bnosky 13-Jan-91 Army
Seaman Recruit Tyrone Michael Brooks 30-Oct-90 Navy
Seaman Apprentice Christopher Bernard Brown 22-Dec-90 Navy
Seaman Apprentice Darrell Kenneth Brown 22-Dec-90 Navy
Captain Thomas Robert Caldwell 10-Oct-90 Air Force
Private First Class Kevin Lee Calloway 24-Nov-90 Army
Staff Sergeant John Francis Campisi 12-Aug-90 Air Force
Seaman Monray Corzere Carrington 22-Dec-90 Navy
Captain Michael Leo Chinburg 8-Jan-91 Air Force
Specialist Steven Douglas Clark 7-Nov-90 Army
Seaman Larry Marcellous Clark 22-Dec-90 Navy
Captain William David Cronin Jr 8-Oct-90 Marine Corps
Lance Corporal James Bernard Cunningham 9-Nov-90 Marine Corps
Sergeant Donald Danielson 29-Dec-90 Army
Staff Sergeant Tatiana Dees 7-Jan-91 Army
Petty Officer Third Class Delwin Delgado 22-Dec-90 Navy
Warrant Officer Thomas Michael Diffenbaugh 5-Jan-91 Marine Corps
Captain Gary Scott Dillon 8-Oct-90 Marine Corps
Captain Kevin Ray Dolvin 8-Oct-90 Marine Corps
Petty Officer Third Class Anthony Javanne Fleming 22-Dec-90 Navy
Seaman Gilbert A Fontaine 22-Dec-90 Navy
Petty Officer Third Class David Alan Gilliland 30-Oct-90 Navy
Sergeant Tracy Hampton 15-Jan-91 Army
Lieutenant Colonel Joe Henry Hancock Jr 5-Dec-90 Army
Major Barry Keith Henderson 8-Oct-90 Air Force
Seaman Apprentice Kevin John Hills 23-Dec-90 Navy
Sergeant Larry Gene Hogan 7-Jan-91 Marine Corps
Major Peter Samuel Hook 30-Sep-90 Air Force
Corporal Raymond Louis Horwath Jr 30-Nov-90 Marine Corps
Captain William Joseph Hurley 8-Oct-90 Marine Corps
Petty Officer Second Class Mark Edward Hutchison 30-Oct-90 Navy
Seaman Wilton L Huyghue 22-Dec-90 Navy
Staff Sergeant Arthur Jackson 17-Nov-90 Army
Petty Officer Third Class Timothy Jerome Jackson 22-Dec-90 Navy
Specialist Jimmy Wesley James 21-Dec-90 Army
Seaman Apprentice Dale William Jock 11-Sep-90 Navy
Petty Officer Third Class Daniel Mooers Jones 21-Aug-90 Navy
Seaman Apprentice Alexander Jones 22-Dec-90 Navy
Sergeant Kenneth Thomas Keller Jr 8-Oct-90 Marine Corps
Second Lieutenant Shannon Patrick Kelley 31-Dec-90 Army
Seaman Apprentice Nathaniel Henry Kemp 22-Dec-90 Navy
Staff Sergeant John Robert Kilkus 8-Oct-90 Marine Corps
Private First Class Dustin Craig Lamoureux 5-Dec-90 Army
Petty Officer Second Class Daniel Lupatsky 30-Oct-90 Navy
Specialist Gary Wayne Mahan 3-Jan-91 Army
Seaman Michael Nunnally Manns Jr 30-Oct-90 Navy
Seaman Brent Allen McCreight 22-Dec-90 Navy
Sergeant Melvin Dennis McDougle 23-Dec-90 Army
Seaman Apprentice Daniel Clayton McKinsey 30-Oct-90 Navy
First Lieutenant Michael Neal Monroe 30-Oct-90 Marine Corps
Staff Sergeant Lance Milo Monsen 10-Jan-91 Marine Corps
Staff Sergeant Thomas Joseph Moran 26-Sep-90 Marine Corps
Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Edward Mullin 14-Jan-91 Army
Seaman Apprentice Randy Lee Neel 22-Dec-90 Navy
Airman First Class Rocky John Nelson 1-Dec-90 Air Force
Specialist Robert Allan Noonan 20-Sep-90 Army
Petty Officer Second Class Fred Russell Parker Jr 30-Oct-90 Navy
Petty Officer Second Class Marvin Jerome Plummer 22-Dec-90 Navy
Captain James Bernard Poulet 30-Sep-90 Air Force
Captain Fredrick Arthur Reid 10-Oct-90 Air Force
Sergeant Ernest Rivers 10-Dec-90 Marine Corps
Corporal Timothy William Romei 8-Oct-90 Marine Corps
Petty Officer Third Class Matthew James Schiedler 22-Dec-90 Navy
Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Gerald Schramm 8-Oct-90 Air Force
Petty Officer Third Class Timothy Bernard Seay 22-Dec-90 Navy
Seaman Apprentice Jeffrey A Settimi 22-Dec-90 Navy
Chief Petty Officer Jeffrey Warren Shukers 22-Dec-90 Navy
Petty Officer Third Class James Arthur Smith Jr 30-Oct-90 Navy
Lieutenant John Mather Snyder 30-Oct-90 Navy
Private First Class Jeffrey William Speicher 4-Jan-91 Army
Seaman Roderick Ternail Stewart 22-Dec-90 Navy
Lance Corporal Anthony Dashawn Stewart 29-Dec-90 Marine Corps
Petty Officer Second Class Phillip Jesse Thomas 30-Dec-90 Navy
Private First Class Scott Nolie Vigrass 9-Dec-90 Army
Petty Officer First Class Robert Lee Volden 30-Oct-90 Navy
Petty Officer Second Class Brian Paul Weaver 23-Dec-90 Navy
Sergeant James Wilcher 8-Nov-90 Army
Petty Officer Second Class Philip L Wilkinson 22-Dec-90 Navy





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