Essential Thoughts for Mission Essential Professionals

The Solo Duet

During three years of band in junior high, I had a fear of performing. (Readers who know me may think: Tim Cummings had stage fright!?) Rehearsal was fine, concerts were … Continue reading

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Lessons From Pearl Harbor

I was stationed in Pearl Harbor, not during the 1941 attack, but decades later, and was privileged have served there as a young petty officer. The attack by naval air … Continue reading

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Worded Warriors – Sword Aside, Pen at the Ready – Part One

In May 1962, retired General of the Army Douglas MacArthur returned to his beloved West Point and delivered to the Corps of Cadets a speech that rings robustly to this day. Here … Continue reading

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Living “Acta non Verba” – The 142 from Kings Point

“Acta non Verba”. This is a glimpse of how thousands of my countrymen committed their lives to an ethos of “action, not words”. The United States has five service academies … Continue reading

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Where a Great People Moved – When Courage Takes Flight

Author’s note: One cannot help but to be moved knowing how passengers and crew on Flight 93 quickly moved from disbelief, to gathering and using unimaginable intelligence to taking historic … Continue reading

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A Steel Ship and Ten Iron Men

“There were many acts of bravery and good judgment under extremely stressful and dangerous conditions. Concern for shipmates was a common thread present throughout the tragedy.”  – Record of Proceedings … Continue reading

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Command Presence – Leadership in Emergencies

Author’s note: The skills needed when leading others in emergencies are useful in your everyday routine. This is the original version of my article which was published in the August  … Continue reading

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