Essential Thoughts for Mission Essential Professionals

The Solo Duet

During three years of band in junior high, I had a fear of performing. (Readers who know me may think: Tim Cummings had stage fright!?) Rehearsal was fine, concerts were … Continue reading

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Lessons From Pearl Harbor

I was stationed in Pearl Harbor, not during the 1941 attack, but decades later, and was privileged have served there as a young petty officer. The attack by naval air … Continue reading

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Worded Warriors – Sword Aside, Pen at the Ready – Part One

In May 1962, retired General of the Army Douglas MacArthur returned to his beloved West Point and delivered to the Corps of Cadets a speech that rings robustly to this day. Here … Continue reading

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Living “Acta non Verba” – The 142 from Kings Point

“Acta non Verba”. This is a glimpse of how thousands of my countrymen committed their lives to an ethos of “action, not words”. The United States has five service academies … Continue reading

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Where a Great People Moved – When Courage Takes Flight

Author’s note: One cannot help but to be moved knowing how passengers and crew on Flight 93 quickly moved from disbelief, to gathering and using unimaginable intelligence to taking historic … Continue reading

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A Steel Ship and Iron Men – Catastrophic Failure and Courage on USS IWO JIMA (LPH 2)

The application of sound engineering practices and common sense should have prevented this accident.” “There were many acts of bravery and good judgment under extremely stressful and dangerous conditions. Concern … Continue reading

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Command Presence – Leadership in Emergencies

Author’s note: The skills needed when leading others in emergencies are useful in your everyday routine. This is the original version of my article which was published in the August  … Continue reading

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