A Boy Named Jacklyn

Jacklyn Harris Lucas was born in North Carolina on February 14, 1928. Jack, as he was known, was a rambunctious child whose dad, a tobacco farmer, passed away when he was 10. At age 11 his mother, wanting to corral him, sent him to a military school. He was there when Pearl Harbor was attacked.... Continue Reading →

The Solo Duet

During three years of band in junior high, I had a fear of performing. (Readers who know me may think: Tim Cummings had stage fright!?) Rehearsal was fine, concerts were okay, but competitions? Somehow, I was always sick or out of town. I have never feared performing or speaking or otherwise doing something in public... Continue Reading →

Lessons From Pearl Harbor

I was stationed in Pearl Harbor, not during the 1941 attack, but decades later, and was privileged have served there as a young petty officer. The attack by naval air forces of the empire of Japan caused Franklin Roosevelt to say the next day in his address to Congress, wherein he asked for a declaration... Continue Reading →

A Steel Ship and Ten Iron Men

“There were many acts of bravery and good judgment under extremely stressful and dangerous conditions. Concern for shipmates was a common thread present throughout the tragedy.”  – Record of Proceedings of the Inquiry into USS IWO JIMA (LPH 2) Engineering Casualty. "No one has greater love than this, to lay down one's life for one's... Continue Reading →

Command Presence – Leadership in Emergencies

Author’s note: The skills needed when leading others in emergencies are useful in your everyday routine. This is the original version of my article which was published in the August  2009 issue of Today’s Facility Manager magazine. What is “command presence?” Definitions abound, but it is simply a set of attributes that causes people to... Continue Reading →

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